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Western Front


Kollaps, Self Harm, Pestis Cultus, HEXX + Rituals DJS
10.03.2019 18.00 h
Four5Nine - Perth
WA Events


$10 inc BF presale / $15 on door

Kollaps [Cold Spring]

During the past three years KOLLAPS have risen from humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia to having now firmly cemented themselves worldwide as a respected name within industrial music. Releasing their first offering Heartworm in 2015, followed up by their now sold-out Sibling Lovers LP in 2017, an exceptionally successful DIY tour of Europe spanning 30 shows and supporting bands such as OPERANT, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW & TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, an Australian tour in April 2018 with Los Angeles’ own YOUTH CODE as well as having 2 tracks from Sibling Lovers included in the soundtrack to Leigh Whannell’s (Saw) latest movie UPGRADE (co-produced by Blumhouse Productions (Whiplash, Get Out!)) the band now continue on their rising trajectory following another self-booked European jaunt in late 2018; 30 shows in as many days, supporting PHARMAKON, PUCE MARY and HIDE and appearing at the legendary WROCLAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL in Poland.

KOLLAPS is conceptually driven by vocalist and noise composer Wade Black’s personal journey, a self-reflective diary of the past, present, and future. Themes of exploitation, vengeance, vendetta, drug addiction, paranoia, mass murder, slander, love and slave labour; exacted upon the earth with an insatiable contempt for our general surroundings. The bands habitually uneasy textures and crude tones are generated with appropriated non-instruments varying from scrap metals, raw plastics, steel beams and sheets of corrugated iron. They are never purchased and are always exclusively sourced from depilated environments. For the band, this isn’t an empty ‘industrial’ gesture; it is a method, which facilitates the literal use of postmodern society against itself.

MECHANICAL CHRIST was recorded and mixed March-July 2018 at The Aviary Studios by Mike Deslandes, mastered by James Plotkin, and produced by Damian Coward and Wade Black. MECHANICAL CHRIST is a 36 minute journey into desperation and the lack of resolve that all-too-often presents itself as a direct ramification when surrounding oneself with the human race. Available worldwide via Cold Spring in early 2019.


Black metal should be oppressive, depressing, harsh and destructive - that is entirely what Self Harm have delivered from day one; no robotic blast beats, no crystal clear tremolo picking and third rate Norwegian copy cat vocals. Just sickeningly disturbed howls backed up with chainsaw guitars with the crackle of nearly blown speakers and thunderous torn apart low-end.



Pestis Cultus (ex-Snorri) Putrid black fucking metal for the gutters of grime and filth of Perth.


Four5Nine   -   Website
459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth
Country: au


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