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Western Australia Metal News

Western Front: Metal People's Choice

A while back we had the voting for people's favourite metal bands currently playing around the Perth scene, and as a result we've put on a show with some of the top voted bands. It was hard though as there are so many quality bands, and they all got a number of votes, and it was all pretty close or tied up. At the end of the day, we've come up with a solid line up and it should be an awesome show, with Depravity, Grotesque, Wardaemonic and Burial Ground.

Also, it is a newer venue for live music, at Lucy's Love Shack in the CBD. It's a rock 'n' roll themed bar so it has a cool vibe, and not only that but they have a late license and serve fresh pizzas all night. So everyone should get down there on Saturday the 2nd of March, support metal, impress them so they want to make it a regular venue for live metal, and enjoy the show!

Scream For Me Sarajevo - Perth Screening

There is a screening of Scream For Me Sarajevo in Perth next week on the 29th of August and apparently tickets include light refreshments, grazing table, and a live band, "Sharp Dressed Men", performing before the screening. Also includes a live Q&A with special guests Shane Caudwell (UN) and Sergej Vujanovic (Original opening band in Sarajevo 1994).

There is a 10% discount for groups of 15 so if people are interested you could head to the Western Front facebook group where I've also posted about it and maybe there are some other like minded people to get organised with and save a few bucks:

Event details: https://tickets.demand.film/event/5626

Hornography Perth Metal Club - Opening Night!

There's a new monthly metal club in Perth starting up and the opening night is August 25, so every metal head in Perth should get down and support it. There is no excuse as entry is only $6 and $6 beers! Here's the spiel:


Hosted by The Boston in Northbridge, HORNOGRAPHY will be open on the last Saturday of every month from 8pm, so mark it down in your calendars! Bands, games, theme nights, guest DJs, competitions, stalls, HORNOGRAPHY will have everything to whet your metal palette.

The first lineup features…

SANZU, Psychonaut & Nucleust

Guest DJ ‘STORMRIDER STU’ will be blasting the tunes, from traditional classics to modern hard hitters for every taste. Expect a focus on upcoming metal releases and tours!

Plus, this is the official ARCHSPIRE Perth pre-party for the gig the next night!

Giveaways include double passes to see The Black Dahlia Murder / Aborted and Satyricon!

Drink special of the night is $6 cans of EMU EXPORT

Don’t miss out on the grand opening of the latest Perth Metal Club, HORNOGRAPHY! Come early and party into the night.


Follow their page on facebook for updates at https://www.facebook.com/hornographymetalclub

Go to the opening night event page and hit "Going" - https://www.facebook.com/events/1337254103043874/


Stormrider Festival 2018

This weekend sees the 2018 edition of the Stormrider Festival in Perth, running from 4pm with ten big acts playing, including Black Steel doing a reunion show. Check out the gig guide for full details.

Stormrider 2018

Slayfest '18 Promo Video

So the Slayfest 18 Reunion Edition was a huge success and we managed to get a bunch of footage of which I plan to put up some videos of when I get the chance to edit them all. In the meanwhile I cut together a quick promo clip highlighting most of the bands that played at the festival so check it out: