Western Australia Metal News

New gig review

Just added a review of a gig from a couple of weeks back - Hornography at the Rocket Room. Was a great night, and I'm not just saying that because I played a small part in it. Had a good mix of different styles of metal and bands well accomplished at their respective genres. The review is courtesy of 'Trease 'Riot so go here and check it out.

Hype! - Weekly metal night

If you're looking for something metal to do mid-week in Perth then you may be in luck. Starting on Wednesday the 27th of July is Hype!, a new weekly metal / hardcore night with bands, djs and even the odd giveaway. This will be happening at the Rocket Room which I'm sure you're all familiar with if you check out Perth metal shows with any regularity.

I've been told the first couple of nights are a bit more of the hardcore end of the scale but they'll be ramping up to more metal acts after that, so keep an eye out for details as they come, and as always check out the gig guide. Which you might want to do now as it has the full details of the upcoming show.

Article updates!

I've just added a couple of new articles to Western Front - one being a feature page on Vespers Descent. They have a new album ready and have the launch coming up for it soon, so check out their feature page and then check out the show!

Also, there is a new review added of a recent gig, "Virtually Dead", thanks to Trease Riot. So if you were there or just interested to see her take on things and what the show was like then have a squiz.

Western Front Awards Night '09/'10

Western Front Awards 2009 / 2010The lineup for the Western Front Awards Show for '09/'10 has been announced and as always it's full of awesome metal, with a diverse selection and something for everyone. As you may already be aware it is at the Amplifier Bar on the 1st of October, but you can always check out the gig guide for details on this or any other gigs coming up.

Or you could have a look at the poster (click the thumbnail for the full image). Also, if you haven't yet joined and you have a facebook account then add yourself to the Western Front facebook page, the group page for the WF website to get important updates, and add yourself to the event listing for the awards night. There may even be a prize in it for you if you do!

Unearth and The Black Dahlia Murder Perth Show Ticket Giveaway

Thanks to Strike Hard Bookings we have a double pass to giveaway to the upcoming Unearth & Black Dahlia Murder Australian tour - the pass is just for the Perth show on the 6th of June 2010, so if you're in WA and interested in checking it out, just go to the competition page and send in your full name and email address.

The winner shall be notified and have their name +1 put on the door list for the show. Pretty simple really.. good luck!